Chengdu Neton Inc.
       At the beginning of the 21st century, there a soaring development in optical communication field where heroes and wits and successes together, when optical transceivers made in china replacing oversea’s gradually, and it is at that remarkable moment that a splendid progress has been made in the market. In early 2002, Chengdu Neton Inc.(Chengdu Neton Electronical Technologies Co.,Ltd before) was established at this key moment. The elites of optical communication aggregated in Chengdu, trying to make new ideas and products come out ceaselessly, and providing superior products and services for customers around the world.
       The founders of Chengdu Neton Inc. have determined to provide superior services of technology and perfect optics. At the birth year of Neton, the 1x9 BIDI modules were put out immediately, and then as the No. 1 company of taking the asymmetry modules and signal level asymmetry transceivers into the market according to the clients demands in surveillance in the next year. Neton won plenty of public praises and the asymmetry module design has been the area standard fastly. Small plug SFP, SFF and BIDI ONU-PON modules followed on from us. Recently, Neton items succeeded replacing oversea’s with super anti-interference, anti-high temperature, anti-low temperature, super-low dissipation modules. With 14 years of technologies accumulating, now, Neton do can complete multi-function customized design with our competences. Facing the brand new and higher required demands from monitoring safty, power supply,railway transportation,network and telecoms, Today’s Neton has more confidences and abilities to service our friends well.
       As a public company(stock code:430473),Neton families are going to provide high grade products as before, then also bringing better living and more opportunities of career growth for our staff. A journey of one thousand miles begains with one step. Neton will take our best endeavours to satisfy clients from all fields with our advantages in excellent customized competences and strict-meticulous production control.








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